Hope for Henry Vaccination

Helping Your Child Get Vaccinated

To help prepare your family, Hope for Henry has developed age-appropriate information and tools to improve your and your child’s overall vaccination experience.

Vaccinations Are Easy

Before the Vaccination

When to Talk to Your Child About Their Vaccination

You know better than anyone how and when to set your child up for success! We’ve provided some
guidance around when it is best to discuss your upcoming vaccination appointment with your child.

Mom with Child Getting Vaccinated
Consider telling your child immediately before or at the beginning of the visit.
Start the conversation a day or two before the visit. Allow time for your child to ask questions or share concerns they might have.
Day’s before the appointment, your tween or teen might be ready to have a conversation about their body, the vaccination, and how vaccines are given.

Watch Our Vaccination Video

Describe What a Vaccination is

Doctors and scientists have worked together to make a type of medicine called a vaccine. A vaccine will help teach your body to fight bad germs and keep you from getting really sick.
Vaccinations fight bad germs

Explain the Vaccination Process in Three Easy Steps:

Vaccine Step one
Your Pharmacist cleans your arm with a small, wet wipe that might feel cold.
Vaccine step 2
Your Pharmacist gives your arm a poke with a needle. Some kids say it might feel like a quick pinch.
vaccine step 3
Your Pharmacist puts a small, sticky bandage on your arm.

Bring the Essentials to the Vaccination

  • Your child should wear a comfortable shirt with loose-fitting sleeves.
  • Offer activities to distract your child.
  • Bring a favorite comfort item (e.g. stuffed animal or blanket).
  • Pack a small snack and drink.
Bring Essentials to the Vaccination
Hope for Henry Vaccination Gameboard

Upon Arrival, Request or Download Hope for Henry’s Vaccination Game Board!

This tool will walk you and your child through the procedure, step-by-step, and help you to explain exactly what is going to happen through images and child-friendly words.

During the Vaccination

Set Your Child Up for Success

Kids benefit from having choices. Here are some of our favorite ways to help kids during their vaccination:
Vaccination Tools

Create a Safe and Comforting Experience

Your presence provides comfort to your child. Talk to the medical team about how you can work together to create a positive vaccination experience.
Below are some effective comfort positions to consider:

Vaccination Support

This position works for younger kids or kids who don’t want to see what’s happening

  • Child will face you, while sitting on your lap.
  • Their legs wrap around your waist.
  • Wrap your arms around theirs.
Vaccination Support

This position allows your child to watch or look away

  • Child will sit on your lap, with their legs together.
  • You will wrap both of your arms around your child in a secure hug, reminding them to remain still.
Vaccination Support

This position is great for older children who need help remaining still

  • Your child sits on your lap, with their back against your chest.
  • Wrap your arms around them. Your legs can also be wrapped around their feet.
Vaccination support

This position is good for older children who can remain still but may still need comfort

  • If your child is able to sit on their own and hold still while getting the vaccine, position yourself so they can see you and hold your hand.

Be Calm and Supportive

Children often look to their caregivers during times of stress. Do your best to remain calm and supportive! We’ve provided suggestions for support here:
Be Calm and Support Vaccination

Acknowledge Your Child’s Accomplishment

Download Hope for Henry’s Vaccination certificate and present to your child because, they did it!

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